Intimacy with my Lover

Understanding the power and importance of intimacy has brought meaning to my life and has drawn me closer to the ONE who loves me. I’m learning to use every part of me to love and form the habits of intimacy by;

Having a sit place with him  

I have to meet with him daily and share all that my heart feels

I tell him all about my situations because his presence gives me peace, joy and hope

He has the best words to say to me and his truth always set me free

So, I just obey whatever he speaks to me. 

He tells me I have to have a truth-life preserver that entails the use of positive beliefs and words that I need to hold onto daily, no matter the struggle or difficulties

He reminds me of how easy it is for negative thoughts to creep into my mind, however there’s much  power in positivity.  

Finding a place of grace with Him

He taught me to meditate on his love for me

He tells me to always look around me at all times, and this will remind me that I am breathing and living in the truth that he loves me

He says, I should never try to be perfect, pretend, please or perform for him to receive his love because he loves me just the way I am. 

Giving me a gift of forgiveness

He constantly reminds me of the need to offer forgiveness to everyone regardless of what they have done and who they are. 

Making him my healing plan 

While I’m in his presence, hearing his voice, I receive comfort, grace and find strength because he alone has the power to heal my broken heart and bind up my wound. 

Walking my grief journey

He tells me to let go of all my thoughts and feelings of loss, anger, guilt and regrets in his stream

While I hold onto the healing words he speaks to me so I can receive all of his compassion and comfort. 

Stepping out of troubles

He tells me to always make 911 calls to him and trust that it will always find its way to his ears

He tells me to be fearless, be still and watch what he will do for me in his response to my call in return.

For this, I worship him for who he is and what he’s done for me. 

Walking journey in light

Constantly meditating on the beauty and strength that comes from living in the light of the presence of my lover

Replacing the feelings of unworthiness with the truth of his light and love

Trusting in his daily out pour of his perfect love into my heart

Now, I exercise the belief, that;

I’m made with love

I’m made for love and intimacy

Surrounded by love 

One language I speak fluently is love

I AM LOVE because I am made in the image of my lover, God (the lover of my soul)

Made from love for love.



What if I told you I am still trying to find out my purpose in life. That unique thing, that will make me be a great and positive impact to my community and the world. I sit down at times in deep thoughts, wondering and asking myself; what do I live for?

Maybe, I should ask you; have you ever sat down to think and ask yourself, who am I on earth? what is that thing that is rare to only me, I mean that unique thing? what difference have I come to make on earth? How will I impact my society positively? what am I living for? whose life or lives have I touched? and it goes on and on…

Well, I know most of us have asked ourselves one or more of these questions one way or the other. But, what have you done to answer these questions? What step have you taken? Are you just sitting in that corner or laying on your bed asking yourselves these questions but not thinking or taking a step, a risk or doing something to start some positive changes.

I learned that, the best thing that can happen to man, is “discovering your purpose in life’. I heard it is called the “the greatest discovery” or whatever.

For me, I have asked myself these questions and I am trying every day to take a step, a risk to make a difference in this world. Who knows, I could actually be touching a reader’s life with this, I guess that’s part of my purpose. If you are lucky to be one of my readers, I urge you to take a step, have values and beliefs, figure out what your passion is, live your dreams, take actions and see results, then you can define your purpose and what you are living for.

Let’s work towards living the life God has destined for us, so we can leave a mark and when we are gone, people can remember us for the positive ways we have affected their lives. Even the bible says; the end of a man is better than the beginning. Ecclesiastes 7 vs 8.

Dream Big! Work towards your dream! Live your dreams and let your life’s purpose be fulfilled!