I’m not sure why I chose this Topic. Maybe, because I have been thinking of how to step up in my spiritual growth with Christ and praying is an essential part of it.

What is Prayer?. I believe, most people have different definition for prayer but in the midst of all of these different definitions, we would realize that, it emphasizes on one thing “Coming to the presence of God”.

Prayer is the practice of the presence of God. Prayer is the place, where we admit our needs, adopt humility and declare our dependence upon God. Prayer is the needful practice of all Christians. It is the point where, we exercise our faith and hope. Prayer, gives us the privilege of touching the heart of our heavenly Father, God, through His son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Even the bible says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8).

Now, when is the right time to pray? Wait! Is there really a right time to pray? Honestly, there’s no right time for anything, just pray always! 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Pray without Ceasing”. In other words, we should always pray every time and at every place. In your bedroom, while walking, when you wake up, when taking a shower, while driving, on the bus to work, school… everywhere, anywhere and at any time.

Prayer is a way of life, we should continually be in an attitude of prayer at all times. Pray when you have, pray when you lack. Pray when the sun is shinning, pray when the rain is falling. Pray when you are happy, pray when you are sad. Pray when everything is going as planned, pray when things are not going the way you want it. Pray when you are healthy, pray when you are sick. Pray when you overcome temptation, pray when you get tempted and fall in it. Pray when you experience good and beautiful things, pray when you experience bad and ugly things. Pray when you are going through challenges, pray when you overcome challenges. Pray when you win, pray when you loose. Pray for the poor, the sick, the needy, the helpless, the homeless. Pray for your country, the country where you live, your family, your neighbors, the church, your pastor…Pray without hypocrisy (Matthew 6:5-8). Also, we should be careful, what we pray for, learn to pray for the right things and not selfish prayers. I pray, God teach us and lead us right, Amen!

My Scars, My lessons and My Blessings!

Today, I add a new year to my years and I am so excited about it.

Today, I wear my scars with so much pride because they brought me life lessons.

These life lessons I used to be afraid to share but now I’m not afraid to share because they brought my blessings.

Blessings that are beyond my expectations and imaginations and more blessings coming…

Well, let me just share a few with you;

If it was not for crashing my head when living too fast, I would never have learned to take life slowly.

If it was not for the wrong turns, I would never have known which way was right.

If it was not for the fake love I got from people, I would never have learned to love myself.

If it was not for the few friends who betrayed me in the past, I would have never got to know that I should be my own bestfriend.

If it was not for the wrong boys I have been with, I would never have appreciated the good ones that later came through and most importantly, the awesome one that I have right now. (I love you, my darlling).

If it was not for the days of being broke and finanacial hardship, I would have never got to know it was wiser to save for rainy days.

If it was not for rejections, I would never have learned to embrace myself.

If my secrets were not leaked via my friends, I would never have learned to be my own confidant.

If I was not tagged as “fake” “bad” “shady” and the likes, I would never have learned to strive harder to be the realest version of me and to be a better person everyday.

If it was not for the undeserved treatment I got from some people, I would never have known that I deserve the best.

If it was not for God, I would not have know that I needed to pray and praise God at all times.

I could go on and on and on and on…

I know to some people, I am the wrong girl and the person they ever met, but wouldn’t they have been worse if they were in my shoes for some actions I took? (I’m just saying).

And to some, I’m the most awesome person they ever met. Thanks to these people that saw the positive part of me.

Do not be afraid to wear your scars after any defeat. No one can use your flaws against you, If you greatly embrace them. Just because each scar comes with a lesson, and in every lesson there’s a BLESSING!

Be You!


Do you know that the best thing you can ever do for yourself, is to love yourself and do you. Self love is very awesome! One of the things I have learned about the society is that; you can never always fit in. And the hardest battle you will ever fight, is the battle of just being you. You don’t have to always fit into other people’s way of life just to feel among.

One thing, I know for a sure is that; not everyone will truly understand who you really are. No matter what you do, some people will never take you serious and will always overlook you. Worry less because that is normal! You are not made for everyone. We are different people with different perspectives about life.

You should learn to live by your own values and beliefs. Know your worth and what you are living for. Never feel like you owe anyone anything. Do not give people the opportunity to steal your happiness from you, with their own opinions. Stay real, true and happy always!

The fact remains that no matter what you do and how real you are, some people will still see you as “fake”. They do not see the real you because of what they have heard about you or probably because they refused to get know who you really are. Not to worry child, I always tell myself that, those kind of people are not designed to see the real me and not everyone can handle my type of greatness (You should use this too). Make sure you stay loyal to the people who are worth it but be careful because you might never get that it.

You don’t always have to prove yourself to people neither should you fight too hard to win a spot in anyone’s life. Truth be told, true love and true friendships come natural, you don’t have to fight for it. People who truly want you as part of their lives and not for the sake of benefiting from you, would gladly accept you for you with all your flaws and imperfections. Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

Set the people who treat you with certain limits FREE! LET THEM GO!!!

Move on, if you feel you are not wanted by someone. There’s so much in you, that you would not always need a certain people around to make you feel good, happy or better about yourself. Be good to people always, but do not waste your time trying to prove that to anyone. Save your energy for the ones who truly appreciate you. Surround yourself with like minds and awesome people like you. If you don’t find, stay alone and never feel lonely because you are really not alone.

Love yourself, treat yourself like the best thing that has ever happened to you. It takes a lot to love oneself, but you have to keep loving yourself because self love is a great source of strength and happiness from within. Nothing makes you more confidant and fulfilled than that! You are good enough for you. BElieve in YOUrself, BE YOU!



What if I told you I am still trying to find out my purpose in life. That unique thing, that will make me be a great and positive impact to my community and the world. I sit down at times in deep thoughts, wondering and asking myself; what do I live for?

Maybe, I should ask you; have you ever sat down to think and ask yourself, who am I on earth? what is that thing that is rare to only me, I mean that unique thing? what difference have I come to make on earth? How will I impact my society positively? what am I living for? whose life or lives have I touched? and it goes on and on…

Well, I know most of us have asked ourselves one or more of these questions one way or the other. But, what have you done to answer these questions? What step have you taken? Are you just sitting in that corner or laying on your bed asking yourselves these questions but not thinking or taking a step, a risk or doing something to start some positive changes.

I learned that, the best thing that can happen to man, is “discovering your purpose in life’. I heard it is called the “the greatest discovery” or whatever.

For me, I have asked myself these questions and I am trying every day to take a step, a risk to make a difference in this world. Who knows, I could actually be touching a reader’s life with this, I guess that’s part of my purpose. If you are lucky to be one of my readers, I urge you to take a step, have values and beliefs, figure out what your passion is, live your dreams, take actions and see results, then you can define your purpose and what you are living for.

Let’s work towards living the life God has destined for us, so we can leave a mark and when we are gone, people can remember us for the positive ways we have affected their lives. Even the bible says; the end of a man is better than the beginning. Ecclesiastes 7 vs 8.

Dream Big! Work towards your dream! Live your dreams and let your life’s purpose be fulfilled!

THANKFUL (Thanksgiving)


With a grateful heart, I say, Thank you, God

Thank you for the precious gift of life.

Thank you for my eyes because I can see with them.

Thank you for my legs, because I can walk with them, I need no external or medical support.

Thank you for my hands, because I use them for it purpose, especially to write this.

Thank you because all the systems of my body are working effectively.

My heart is functioning well, I need no life support or pacemaker.

Thank you for the roof over my head.

Thank you for my siblings.

Thank you for my mom and dad, providing for them to provide for me and my siblings.

Thank you for the food I eat because some have food but cannot eat, some want to eat but have no food but I can eat whatever I want to eat at anytime.

Thank you for every challenges and circumstances because they make stronger.

Thank you for giving the grace to love even those that hurt me.

Thank you for wisdom. knowledge, understanding and excellent spirit.

Thank you for the power in the name of your son, Jesus that have broken every chains in in my life and in the lives of my families.

Thank you for everything you have blessed me with.

Forgive me for the times I complained and thought you were far away and not answering my prayers.

Forgive me for the things I have taken for granted because I know they are some people prayers.

I am so grateful, You have been so wonderful to me, my families and friends.

It has not being by my power or might but by Your grace and love.

I would never have made it without you, Lord.


According to His Purpose”

I know it is hard for most us to read our Bibles’. It is a real struggle!. We all have heard this; just by you opening your Bible, you already defeated the devil and you reading it, then you have conquered the devil. I have learned that, it is not just about reading the Bible but it is about knowing, understanding the content and when to use it in any situation you find yourself in life. The Bible is a daily guide!. It has everything we need to survive everyday of our lives. Take a look at today’s world and you will see that most of the things happening currently and will still happen, is in the Bible…

I just want to drop this here for everyone of us looking unto God for one thing or the other. He is faithful, if you do His will.

Roman 8 vs 28; “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose”

Romans 8


To the ONE who gave me life, I can give nothing but Love.

To the star, so full of light, the ONE sent from my Father above, thank you for the Kindness.

For everything you do, still doing and will still do. I appreciate it.

Thank you for the morals, the prayers and the disciplines.

Thank you for seeing me through the times of happiness and sadness. It is so usual what we share, Mama.

It took me years to know that you are supposed to be my Best friend, but I am glad it did not take forever for me to realize that. Nowadays, everything I do, you know.

They say, children are the reflection of their parents, with that, I try to show the world every beautiful quality of you in me. Not often enough do I tell you how much you mean to me and do I show you how your love has set me free but I do love you, Mama.

I also, know that a times I rebel and do things you are not proud of but despite all of it, you still shower me with so much love and affections.

You are the special Angel, God gave to me. I always find comfort, peace and renewal of faith in talking to you. Whether life is in a shambles, whether I lose or I win, You are always there to reassure me of a greater tomorrow. Like you always say to me “You can not die in that situation, because your heavenly father sees it all”.

To live forever, is what I always pray for you. A long life ever-lasting, reaping the fruit of your labor. I remember there were days, you will go hungry, so I and my siblings could eat. Rather than buy fancy cars, clothes etc, you prefer to give us all you have just to provide for us and to make sure we do not beg or compare ourselves with other kids at school.

There were times, you played the role of father, mother, lover, teacher, preacher and best friend. You are a refined combo of a mother.

One thing, I know for a sure, is that I and my siblings will not stop until we make you proud, until we get to the top, until people said our names along with the line “I want to be like her or him”. Your fruits (I and my siblings) are going to yield a bountiful forest of God’s blessings and you will not be able to contain it but you will bless the name of the Lord for it.

Heaven knows, I could not have asked for a better mother. Even If I had the opportunity of choosing a mom when God created me, I do not think I would have done it right.

You are so gracious in speech, cautions and courteous in words, so beautiful and blessed. You are a strong pillar of love; always there to correct and share constructive ideas so we do not go astray. I can go on and on writing the good stuffs about you…

I love you till the very end, I love you forever and a day more. You are a mother first, then a best friend second.

I LOVE YOU, MAMA!A mother's love

What a compliment!

2014-07-16 21.56.41

The first time someone told me the above comment, I smiled and said thank you.  The next time I got this supposed to be “compliment”, I did smile and said thank you again. Then, a lady next to me was like really? Do you understand or know the meaning of what that man just said to you? As a cute girl,  I simply ignored her and felt she was just jealous because she did not get a compliment from a guy. Lol! (Ignorance is bliss, right?). On getting home, was thinking about how my day went and remembered the compliment. I said the compliment to myself  several times while looking into mirror, then realized it is a very stupid comment. To me, it is a mixture of a compliment and an insult. I mean, it is the most “Racist” comment ever.

Fair enough,  a black guy said that to me. I could not comprehend why a person of my own skin color will make such comment to me. Maybe he does not really know the meaning of what he said or is it that black folks do not appreciate their skin color.  Then, I felt this is the type of comment that make dark-skinned people bleach their skin or am I the only one that thinks like this!.  I have a big issue with people who bleach their skin, it is very annoying to me.  I understand that society has made it look like light-skinned people are more beautiful than dark-skinned people but to me, we are just a confused generation. Yesterday, a skinny person is more beautiful than a fat person. Today,  a guy that hits the gym and have 6 packs is more sexy than the one that doesn’t. Tomorrow, we come up with another society’s preference. *Sighs* Aren’t we just lost!  I believe, we are all beautiful just the way we are, even the bible confirms this. (Psalms 139 vs 14).

It is very shallow to think that, If one is dark-skinned the person is ugly. I think, it is only in-secured people especially ladies that bleach their skin to look beautiful to the society. There are people that dwell in the  Colonial Mentality that says “the closer your skin is to white, the more attractive you are.  Some people have bought into this idea and lost the ability to see black as beautiful and this is so sad. It is disappointing to see that some gorgeous dark-skinned people are bleaching or believe they need to bleach their skin to look beautiful.  To even assume that someone isn’t beautiful just because of the hue of their skin color is just absurd. It is only narrow-minded individuals that think like that.  (So much Ignorance in this world).

Well, enough said! Although I still do not really have an idea what this comment actually means or what type of message the inventor of that line is trying to get across to people. I want to say, SCREW WHAT SOCIETY THINKS! I am dark-skinned and very beautiful. Don’t forget, “the darker the berry, the sweeter it is”. *winks*.



Hi writers and readers, I’m oluwatobiloba and I am not sure the type of writer I am, I do not know if I am really good at this (feel free to criticize me, positively tho!, No cyber-bullying allowed!). I am learning to be a better person everyday, so i’m simply exploring the different “talents” I think I have. *winks* I bet you wanna know them. Ooh well, I think I can sing because I’m a chorister at church. I act drama at church, ooh gosh! i’m such a drama queen, hahahahaha (actually, I laugh a lot on stage, never serious, too playful!). I also love to draw. who knows, I could be an artist some day or maybe a fashion designer, smiled :). I promise you, I do not know what happened to me, I only woke up from a nap and decided to start my own blog (inspired by God and my over thinking, in my sleep). This space is going to be like an open diary for me to share my thoughts with people who are interested about life, love, society, education, fashion, food, religion and anything you can think of.  Also, I want to engage myself in something fun and exciting asides the

dairy nerdy thing. Yea, I am a biological sciences major and chemistry minor student with a concentration in Pre-med. I want to go to medical school and be who God wants me to be! So, y’all are welcome to my world and I hope y’all find my blog interesting. Cheers!