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Hey rockstars, would you permit me to address you as such?. I do not know you but I will like to think you are inspiring, fun, adventurous and more.

My name is Oluwatobiloba, but you can call me ‘Tobi” and you can spell it as either “Tobi or Toby”.  I am an extraordinary girl because I have an Extraordinary God. I am a risk-taker and an adventurous person by nature. I’m an ambivert; my personality has a balance of an introvert and extrovert features. I like to say, “I live the best of both worlds”. Simple girl yet I can do all bad, myself. Medicine is my addiction, so be nice to me, I could be your physician one day. Most of all, I’m a work-in-progress… take me as you see me but I get better each day!

I couldn’t tell you, I’m a great writer but I know there will sometimes be good writing and other times it could be terrible. You are allowed to positively criticize me as I am learning, your criticism helps me improve. My open diary; “public diary” as I prefer to call it since its online is a jar containing my travels, thoughts, feelings, words, visuals, imaginations, ideas, and more.

Veritas, Anoris, Amare… Truth, Honor, Love

Well, welcome to my head and mind…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Fantabulous ! You’re doing well Tobi. Your story is highly inspiring. Keep up the good work. Keep catching fun. Keep up the gratitude mood alive. The sky is just your starting point in Jesus’s name.


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