I used to worry a lot. I worried about my future instead of living in the moments of my present, counting my daily blessings and be grateful. I needed that to change, ’cause it was killing me ever so slowly and leading to obvious frustration. So at the beginning of the year, I got a mason jar and labeled it thanksgiving. Using sticky notes, I write all my wins; big or small and some L’s. Whenever I’m sad, disappointed, worrying, feeling ungrateful, stressed, depressed and such, I take out at least 5 of my sticky notes from my mason jar, read out my past blessings, and in a little time, I find myself smiling, feeling grateful and peace over my current situation. Doing this, I realized that worrying have robbed me of my faith and also prevented me from moving forward. 

Now, going in depth of what I have learned from this new habit, I’d like to share my perspective on thanksgiving as a ‘progressing Christian’. 

it is important to understand the relationship between joy and thanksgiving. If you are a joyful person, I can guarantee that you count your blessings loudly and daily. However, If you are constantly living with daily mood swings, depression, frustration and live most of your life in the depths of despair, the lifestyle of thanksgiving will be hard for you. I strongly encourage you show gratitude for the little things, it goes a long way. if you are struggling with sadness or disappointment in life, make a list of things for which you are thankful. Don’t stop at 5 or 10 … be generous in your thanksgiving and make a list of 20 … or 50 … or 100 things for which you are grateful (You can get a mason jar or a journal, something to just remind you to stay grateful regardless of your situation).

I strongly believe that, Thanksgiving is the password that opens the door of His (God’s) presence to His people. And in His Presence there is fullness of JOY! I believe that for a Christian, thanksgiving should never be reserved for merely one day of the year or only one season. Thanksgiving should be a genuine daily lifestyle. A grateful heart is the fertile growing place for the seeds of joy to spring up and blossom in abundance. When you carry joy in you be sure that it will radiate in all areas of your life, through your challenges and to all people you are surrounded by. 

Happy Thanksgiving  to you and yours and I hope we’ll always have reasons to be grateful and thankful!

I’m thankful

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