Unleashing the power within me.

On the train, going to school, got bored and decided to open my bible app. To be honest, sometimes I open it for the fun, just to keep my streak going. You know the Youversion (bible app) give you streaks for studying the word everyday. Today, I opened the book of Matthew and boom chapter 25. I think I was led my the Holy Spirit because there were some revelations revealed to me. While walking to the train station, I was just talking to myself (I do this quite often when I’m alone). I was evaluating myself and how much progress I have made so far in this year. Yea, I’m sure you would say we are barely in the second month of the year. Well, my motto for this year is “I am not doing mediocre things, because I am better than an average…”. Genuinely searching within myself, I knew I was not working the motto 100 percent, so I have to do better. I said a quick prayer “Lord teach me what and how to do things better than an average”. Now, in the train, I’m studying Matthew 25, getting to verse 14 through 30. And I’m like mmmmhhh, preach! You know how we do it when our local pastor trigger our souls with their teachings lol. Well, I begin to get revelations from these verses. Let me share them with us.

1.) We have all been given one, two, three or more talents by the maker; now the question is are we aware of the or these talents? If yes, are we using them as intended by our maker. It is very important we find our talent/gift. My definition of talent is something you are so good at doing, love doing and find joy and passion while doing it. Passion is the beginning of achievements.

2.) You have to believe yourself; verse 19 of the chapter reads that the third servant took that one talent/gift and hid it. From my understanding, I think the servant did not believe in himself to work the talent/gift that was given to him. So he thought he would just let it be. This is what happens when we don’t believe in ourselves. We let our gift just lay dormant within us, when we should be working it.

3.) Believe in your potential/gifts that you have if you know it; if the third servant believed in himself, he would have been able to believe in that one gift that was given to him. And he would have been able to work it so it can yield him more gifts or opened doors of greatness and blessings for him like the other two servants. The other two servant who worked theirs, got blessed by the King. I think this is what God does for us when we work with what He has given to us; proverbs 10:4, 12:24, 13:4….

4.) Not working your potential/talent/gift is a SIN; verse 30 reads that the unprofitable servant was casted into greater darkness and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth. I’m trying not to sound harsh, but the truth is, if you don’t work your potentials or gifts to life and fulfillment, God will ask you about it on the judgement day. I pray we don’t go to hell because we didn’t work our gifts into fulfilling God’s purpose.

5.) Avoid negative people and naysayers; the type of people we keep around us have influence on us. Stay away from people who don’t believe in you and in your dreams.

6.) Stay away from sin; sins prevent us from fulfilling God’s purpose in our lives. It can also cause us to extend the time of our blessings and breakthrough.

7.) Spend quality time with God; this is of utmost importance. When we spend time with our maker, He is sure to reveal our talent(s) to us. Strengthen our minds, so we can believe in ourself and the talents/gifts He has given to us. Let us know if we are using our talent in the way He intended. Help us filter negative friends from our lives. Most of all help us not to fall into temptation.

Sometimes working our talent/potential/gift is what brings the breakthrough we have been longing for.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit from Matthew 25: 14-30.

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