What a compliment!

2014-07-16 21.56.41

The first time someone told me the above comment, I smiled and said thank you.  The next time I got this supposed to be “compliment”, I did smile and said thank you again. Then, a lady next to me was like really? Do you understand or know the meaning of what that man just said to you? As a cute girl,  I simply ignored her and felt she was just jealous because she did not get a compliment from a guy. Lol! (Ignorance is bliss, right?). On getting home, was thinking about how my day went and remembered the compliment. I said the compliment to myself  several times while looking into mirror, then realized it is a very stupid comment. To me, it is a mixture of a compliment and an insult. I mean, it is the most “Racist” comment ever.

Fair enough,  a black guy said that to me. I could not comprehend why a person of my own skin color will make such comment to me. Maybe he does not really know the meaning of what he said or is it that black folks do not appreciate their skin color.  Then, I felt this is the type of comment that make dark-skinned people bleach their skin or am I the only one that thinks like this!.  I have a big issue with people who bleach their skin, it is very annoying to me.  I understand that society has made it look like light-skinned people are more beautiful than dark-skinned people but to me, we are just a confused generation. Yesterday, a skinny person is more beautiful than a fat person. Today,  a guy that hits the gym and have 6 packs is more sexy than the one that doesn’t. Tomorrow, we come up with another society’s preference. *Sighs* Aren’t we just lost!  I believe, we are all beautiful just the way we are, even the bible confirms this. (Psalms 139 vs 14).

It is very shallow to think that, If one is dark-skinned the person is ugly. I think, it is only in-secured people especially ladies that bleach their skin to look beautiful to the society. There are people that dwell in the  Colonial Mentality that says “the closer your skin is to white, the more attractive you are.  Some people have bought into this idea and lost the ability to see black as beautiful and this is so sad. It is disappointing to see that some gorgeous dark-skinned people are bleaching or believe they need to bleach their skin to look beautiful.  To even assume that someone isn’t beautiful just because of the hue of their skin color is just absurd. It is only narrow-minded individuals that think like that.  (So much Ignorance in this world).

Well, enough said! Although I still do not really have an idea what this comment actually means or what type of message the inventor of that line is trying to get across to people. I want to say, SCREW WHAT SOCIETY THINKS! I am dark-skinned and very beautiful. Don’t forget, “the darker the berry, the sweeter it is”. *winks*.


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