Hi writers and readers, I’m oluwatobiloba and I am not sure the type of writer I am, I do not know if I am really good at this (feel free to criticize me, positively tho!, No cyber-bullying allowed!). I am learning to be a better person everyday, so i’m simply exploring the different “talents” I think I have. *winks* I bet you wanna know them. Ooh well, I think I can sing because I’m a chorister at church. I act drama at church, ooh gosh! i’m such a drama queen, hahahahaha (actually, I laugh a lot on stage, never serious, too playful!). I also love to draw. who knows, I could be an artist some day or maybe a fashion designer, smiled :). I promise you, I do not know what happened to me, I only woke up from a nap and decided to start my own blog (inspired by God and my over thinking, in my sleep). This space is going to be like an open diary for me to share my thoughts with people who are interested about life, love, society, education, fashion, food, religion and anything you can think of.  Also, I want to engage myself in something fun and exciting asides the

dairy nerdy thing. Yea, I am a biological sciences major and chemistry minor student with a concentration in Pre-med. I want to go to medical school and be who God wants me to be! So, y’all are welcome to my world and I hope y’all find my blog interesting. Cheers! 

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